We source finely crafted teas directly from tea makers that share our passion for quality. Under direct trade, tea growers and makers get better, fairer prices for their teas as there is no middleman to take a percentage of any profit. This allows producers to invest in their gardens and keep raising the quality of their teas. And for consumers it means higher quality tea that is fresh and full of flavour as it won’t have passed through many hands in a complex supply chain.


Knowing where a tea is from and who made it tells you a lot about its flavour. This is because tea (much like fine wine or single origin coffee) is a reflection of its terroir- a mix of the geology, climate and geography that makes a product unique. Knowing who’s behind your cup of tea is also important because it gives recognition to the growers and helps assure that the tea is produced ethically and sustainably. Learn more about the importance of transparency and traceability in tea here.


We believe that sustainability and quality go hand-in-hand as the terroir and the soil’s health have a huge impact on the vitality of the tea plant, and a tea’s taste. That’s why we only source from small-scale tea gardens, and not industrial-scale ones where tea is grown as an intensive monoculture. We understand that achieving organic certification is very expensive for many small traditional farms and so we do not limit ourselves to sourcing only certified organic teas.  Read more about the tea gardens we work with and their approach to sustainability here.


We strive to be as environmentally conscious as possible and this is an ongoing journey. All our teas are supplied in their natural form as loose leaf and are therefore fully compostable. Our tea pouches are made from natural kraft paper to ensure less chemical handling of the paper, and all our labels are fully biodegradable. To keep the tea fresh, the pouches are lined with a foil laminate barrier. We’re continuing to work on providing fully plastic free packaging without compromising the freshness of our tea. All our teas are sent out in cardboard boxes that are produced using 75% recycled materials and are fully recyclable. Our mailers are fully biodegradable.