We work with growers committed to sustainable farming practices, to minimise our impact. When it comes to our teas, they are supplied loose, so are fully compostable. With our packaging we use biodegradable and recyclable packaging where possible. This is good, but not good enough. We’re committed to working towards being zero waste.


Direct trade to create a cycle of good with fair, ethical and sustainable pricing. We work closely with our growers to raise farming practices and advance the livelihoods of the tea producing community. Our close and long term relationships with growers, means we can improve the quality of tea produced, and preserve it for future generations to enjoy.


We source freshly picked teas from small single-gardens, that are never stored for longer than required or mixed with unknown sources, meaning we get the highest quality cup with maximum flavour. Produced organically and naturally our teas come direct from growers in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, who support our mission. So, our teas really are as good as they get.

Change your tea drinking for good

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