Himalayan Gold

TASTING NOTES: Treacle, caramel, baked fruit 

Himalayan Gold is a rich black tea with aromas of caramel and black treacle. It's produced organically by the Tinjure Cooperative located in the Eastern Nepali Himalayas.

This is a full-bodied tea made up of lots of golden tips. It has notes of baked fruit and honey and leaves thick velvety textures in the mouth. Enjoy it with milk, or sip it black. Either way, it's delicious. Harvest: Spring 2023

The Great Taste Award judges awarded this tea a coveted gold star this year, commenting: "A beautiful quality of leaf, with golden tips, and the wet leaf has an enticing, almost Darjeeling like aroma... We found the liquor sweet, fruity, rounded and delicate."


✓ Black tea is a source of antioxidants (including polyphenols and flavonoids) that helps to prevent cell damage.

✓ Caffeine found in black tea gives you a steady boost of energy.

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Customer Reviews

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Brian Battensby
A lovely brew.

Himalayan Gold is a lovely rich, slightly malty tea with a bit of a zing.

As soon as you open the packet, the aroma of fresh tea hits your nostrils. A wonderful smell.

The brew itself is a golden/red colour, like a summers sunset.

The tea isn't as earthy as some Assams & Ceylons but has more body to it than Darjeelings.

I like a nice strong Assam to wake me up in a morning and Himalayan Gold should keep me going throughout the day.

A lovely rich tea

Himalayan Gold is a lovely rich tea from Nepal with a beautiful depth of flavour. I had it without milk for my first cup. From my second cup, I decided it was probably sturdy enough to handle a splash of milk and that worked very well too. This is definitely a tea I could happily drink on a regular basis.

And relax...!

I inhaled the open packet and felt instantly relaxed. A lovely fragrance matched by the beautiful tea leaves. I followed the instructions on the packet and made a pot of calming, golden hued tea. The taste is mild and slightly sweet. I found it refreshing and it didn't dry my mouth like some teas can. I think I'll pop the kettle on again!

Donna Shiels
Really nice

I had never tried black tea mmm I really enjoyed it. You have got me hooked 🥰 i will definitely be recommending you to friends and family

Excellent tea

This is an excellent tea. The leaf has good colour with evidence of tips to be seen and the liquor colour is light golden not ruby red like many Assam teas.. The flavour is robust yet delicate with a faint floral note and a good balance of mildly bitter, slight woody/orchid note, reasonable saliva thickening properties. It does not linger on the pallet s much as some expensive Darjeelings but is a balanced, good flavoured tea. I do not take milk with my tea. Altogether, good quality leaf, beautiful couled liquor and strong but mot overpowering balanced taste. I recommend this tea.