Garden Story

Tinjure Cooperative was formally organised in 1995 and is made up of a number of small plots owned by independent farmers. In the early days, the farmers would join together and sell their fresh leaf to a nearby factory. By 2013, they had raised enough to establish their own processing facility to produce finished tea.

Tinjure literally means "Three Hills" and refers to the three villages that make up the cooperative. The region's high altitude of over 1500m and rich soil provide the natural resources for fragrant, high quality tea, combined with the expertise of the tea makers at Tinjure.

Meet the Makers

Today the Tinjure Cooperative is made up of 240 members who both grow and process the tea. Tea made at Tinjure has won many international awards for its high quality.

By processing their own teas as a co-op, farmers at Tinjure earn 20 times more than selling the same green leaf to privately run factories. By placing the value of the finished tea back in the hands of those making it, the hope is that youth leaving rural communities for the cities may be enticed to come back and pursue economic opportunities closer to home.