Garden Story

Amba is an organically certified tea estate which was established as a social enterprise in 2006 by a group of four founders including Simon Bell, who heads up the initiative.

From the very beginning, a key priority has been to establish a model for artisanal tea production that benefits all those involved. The team hope that by demonstrating that artisanal tea production is both viable and a benefit to the workers, community and land, others in Sri Lanka will be able to copy what they are doing. And indeed, the example set by Amba is beginning to be picked up by other tea makers in the country.

Meet the Makers

Amba is not only a mission to foster more social responsibility and sustainability in Sri Lanka's tea industry, but also to produce simply stunning tea.

One way Amba does this is by careful plucking of the tea bush; only 1 leaf and a bud is plucked to make the finest teas, in contrast to the larger plantations, where usually two leaves and a bud are plucked and processed.

Amba is one of only a handful of artisanal tea producers in Sri Lanka today, using traditional methods such as hand rolling. As a result, only very small batches of tea are produced each year, and each batch is produced to order to ensure maximum freshness.