Our latest teas from The Tea Studio in the Nilgiri Hills of South India have arrived and they are better than ever. We have three new green teas all made from the same Assamica leaf, but very different styles, including Indian Kukicha (a roasted green tea), Green Dragon (a pan roasted green tea inspired by the Chinese longjing), and Malabar Maofeng, (a fresh and vibrant green tea rolled in curly twists).

The Tea Studio is part of a new wave of producers across India who have been energising the local tea industry in recent years. Led by industry veteran Indi Khanna and his daughter Muskan, the Tea Studio is blazing a trail in the Nilgiri Hills and rejuvenating the idea of what Indian teas from this region and beyond are all about. 

The Tea Studio was set-up in 2017 outside the town of Coonoor to explore new ways of making teas in the tea industry. As part of this process, the factory has invested in very specialised tea machinery brought in from China and Taiwan, and the all-women team continue to experiment with the local leaf and different processing methods, from oxidation levels through to different ways of rolling the leaves. 

For this latest batch, the Tea Studio has benefited over the years from the advice of veteran Chinese tea makers who have helped to fine tune the studio's green tea manufacture and improve various aspects of the tea factory’s overall quality. 

It's thanks to the visionary tea growers and makers like the Tea Studio who recognise the potential of the local tea plant to make great teas that more growers in the region now have the confidence to explore new styles of tea making. 

Try the Tea Studio's teas here. 

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