The Nilgiri region in south India produces some stunning teas. Frost tea is a particular favourite made when temperatures in the Nilgiri Hills are at their coldest. It has a fresh spring fragrance and soft honey sweetness. It’s that fragrancy which is characteristic of the teas from the Nilgiris.  

The Nilgiris benefit from a lush and fertile terroir, that mix of geography and geology that gives tea its uniqueness. Rising as they do to a height of 2000m in a tropical region, the Nilgiris have fewer extreme seasons, moderate summers with the temperature just briefly hitting freezing for a few key days in January/ February each year. The temperate climate means that tea can be plucked all year round.

Today, the Nilgiris remain one of the most beautiful tea growing regions in the world to visit with deep green rolling hills, dense forested areas, and winding streams. Tea is grown among other trees like eucalyptus, blue gum and cypress, which are said to give tea here its fruity fragrant flavours.

Our Nilgiri teas are all produced by the Tea Studio, an innovative micro-factory located in the hill station of Coonoor. Led by Muskan and her all women team of employees, the factory produces small batches of finely crafted artisanal teas.


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