Garden Story

The Tea Studio is a pioneering micro-factory located in Tamil Nadu, south India. It was established by tea veteran Indi Khanna as a way to restore the reputation of teas from this region which was damaged by decades of producing cheap mass market tea.

Today the factory is run by Indi's daughter, Muskan, and an all-women team of employees (something which is very rare in India's tea industry). Shaking up a tradition of mostly black tea production in the region, the team use specialist equipment and techniques from China and Japan to create superb batches of fine green, white, black and oolong style teas.

Meet the Makers

Tea Studio sources raw leaf grown by small holder farmers on their own land (typically on plots under one acre) along with a variety of crops which helps maintains the diversity and integrity of the soil and environment. It also means that Tea Studio can call their teas “naturally organic” despite not having official organic accreditation.

Farmers are paid well above local market value for their leaves to ensure the highest quality. They receive training by Muskan and her team on plucking methods to guarantee the right leaves for the different styles of teas they produce.

Teas from the Tea Studio are now among some of the best India now has to offer. By demonstrating a different path for tea, the Tea Studio is also restoring faith in the Nilgiris as a tea terroir and the spotlight is starting to shine once again on this region.