Garden Story

Heritage Tea is a small factory located in the city of Dibrugarh in upper Assam. It sources leaf from a network of local farms and processes a range of distinctive, quality teas.

Heritage Tea was founded by Rajen and June Baruah in 2010 who are passionate about supporting small tea growers to raise the quality of their teas. Rajen was inspired to start Heritage Tea after witnessing during his 30 year career in the industry the steady decline in large corporate tea estates as they've battled with rising labour costs, declining yields, and low prices.

Meet the Makers

Heritage Tea works with a network of small family tea farms spanning across the north of Assam and the neighbouring state of Arunachal Pradesh. Each farm measures no more than 4-5 acres which makes it more viable to cultivate tea using all natural methods.

All Heritage growers have made the switch from outdated, conventional agriculture to chemical-free and pesticide-free methods. They use organic methods like natural composting, shade planting and typically produce in areas teeming with natural biodiversity. Rajan provides technical support and coaches growers on how best to upgrade the quality of their leaf and develop their farming practices. The result is Assam tea as nature intended; bold, malty and strong.