This set is designed for new comers to loose leaf tea who are looking for a place to start. It comes with a simple stainless steel tea infuser and a pouch of our New Day Assam.

There's no better place to start exploring specialty tea than Assam, the tea growing belt of the India's far northeast, where the country's first tea plants were discovered. 

Assam has become quite a generic term. Most tea from Assam ends up as low quality tea bag filler, but there is nothing generic about our New Day Assam. It's rich with deep honey notes, and delicious with milk. This is how breakfast tea is meant to taste, and just what is needed for a brisk wake-up with a slice of toast. 

Our New Day Assam is grown by the Kanoka Tea Estate, a small family run tea farm in the middle of Assam.  In a region where most tea is produced on an industrial scale on large commercial plantations, Kanoka is creating a new model of sustainable and responsible tea production, one which values quality over quantity, and where employees are paid fairly.