We've all had classic iced tea, but how about a refreshing iced chai?  Our recipe involves making hot masala chai the traditional way, by simmering chai tea in milk (instead of water),  then straining, adding sugar and pouring the hot liquid over ice.  This way, the end result it not too watery.


To make 2  servings:

  • 10g of Kolkata Chai
  • 500ml of milk (either whole or plant based) 
  • Sugar (to taste)



1. Place the milk in a pan and start to simmer.

2. Add the chai (and sugar if desired), bring to the boil, and simmer for 5 mins.

3. Steep the tea for a further 3 mins in the pan, pour the tea into a tall glass over ice, and enjoy..!



Do you have any tea inspired recipes? If so, we'd love to share them. Send us your recipe to info@karmateaco and we'll be in touch...!

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