This set is designed for intrepid drinkers looking to explore some new tea creations from South Asia. This includes:  

With this set, you'll experience tea from the Nilgiri Mountains where the Tea Studio is pioneering new types of tea in this traditionally black tea producing area. Our Nilgiri white is a fine example of this experimentation with the local leaf.

Our Shangri Oolong is an oolong-style tea from the Kanchanjangha Tea Estate in the eastern Himalayan region of Nepal. Oolongs are a relatively new generation of teas in South Asia, combining traditional regional tea making practices with inspiration from China and Taiwan.  This particular tea is a unique creation, a cross between a light black tea and a brassy roasted oolong. 

Finally, we journey down to the renowned tea growing area of the Uva Highlands in Sri Lanka. Amba Ceylon is produced by the Amba Tea Estate, an organically certified tea garden established as a social enterprise in 2006. Amba has broken the mold in a country where the majority of tea is produced for the commercial market of tea bags. Only a small batch of Amba Ceylon is hand-rolled each year.  It makes a distinctive and brisk black tea with notes of dark chocolate, dried fruit and citrus.